Our Favorite Plants

Loropetalum chinense and Purple Majesty

A wonderful shrub for part shade. The green version has white flowers in spring and the Purple Majesty selection has hot pink flowers. It grows slowly up to 6 feet tall and wide. It has a graceful layered habit but it also takes shearing very well.

Echium fastuosum Star of Madeira
A delightful variation on the common Pride of Madeira. The leaves have beautiful variegation and the flowers are electric blue with pink. This clonal variety is more tidy and refined than it’s seed grown brothers. Grow in full sun with medium to low water. Blooms in spring. Looks great all year.
Achillea Moonshine, Golden Yarrow
Yarrow is a gratifying perennial to grow. It booms all summer long, does not require much water, attracts butterflies and has vibrant golden flowers. Deadhead old flowers to encourage new ones. Grow in full sun.
Helichtotrichon sempervirens, Blue Oat Grass
This native grass provides a unique cool grey color and spiky texture. It rarely blooms. Maintenance is easy and fun in that you brush the foliage and the old leaves shed like a pets fur. Full sun and medium to low water. Never needs shearing.
Phormium Cream Delight, New Zealand Flax

One of the best variegated Phormiums. Bright variegated leaves do not revert. Graceful arching habit to 4′ tall and 5′ wide. Protect from gophers.

Salvia spathacea, Hummingbird Sage

A native California sage with aromatic foliage. Whorls of rosy red flowers in spring. Attracts hummingbirds.

Spanish Lavender, Lavandula stoechas

This lavender blooms all year. The flowers are characterized by showy flags on top. It comes in many variations such as pink, white or bluish purple.  Grow in full sun with good drainage. Relatively drought tolerant once established.  Shear periodically to remove spent flowers.

Calandrinia grandiflora, Chilean Rock Purslane

A fantastic perennial from Chile with gray succulent leaves and tall wiry stems with chalice-shaped magenta flowers spring through fall. Grows in full sun. Cut back after flowering.

Euphorbia characias

One of our favorite low maintenance plants. This perennial makes a blue-green, rounded mound to 4 feet tall. In early spring the mound gets covered with striking lime green flowers. This sun lover is drought tolerant.


Aeoniums are colorful and reliable succulents for sun or part shade. They come in green, red, black and variegated. Excellent in pots or planting beds.  Some varieties have showy spires of yellow flowers.

Golden Pineapple Sage

A wonderful fall blooming sage with fragrant pineapple scented leaves and hummingbird-loving, bright red flowers. Grow in full sun to part shade.

Geranium Ivy Cascade Type

We prefer these single flowered beauties to the more common double types. They are more floriferous and perform better in landscape. Their colors are mostly in the salmon to hot red range.

Agave attenuata, Foxtail Agave

Perfect for our Mediterranean climate, this reliable succulent makes beautiful green rosettes that don’t get too big. The leaves are rather soft compared to cousin Agave americana and do not have painful spines. The plants produce offsets that look great or can be removed and planted elsewhere. After 10 or 20 years the plant flowers with a magnificent curved flower stock up to 12 feet long. The flower stock produces seeds and little plantlets that can be used for propagation.

Centradenia floribunda, Trailing Princess Flower

A perfect plant for coastal areas, this relative of the common Princess Flower looks great all year. The velvety reddish foliage is decorated with lavender flowers in spring. Gets 2′ tall by 4′ wide.


Grevillea Superb

This Grevillea has proven its worth in the landscape. It’s large apricot orange flowers appear for a very long period in spring. The foliage is deeply cut and very attractive. It grows up to 5′ tall and 5′ wide. Hummingbirds love it!


Cordyline Festival Grass or Design a Line Burgundy

Tired of Phormiums reverting and turning into monsters? This Cordyline is a great substitute for those problematic Flax cultivars. This clumping plant has delightful burgundy foliage that stays tidy at 2′ tall and 4′ wide. There are fragrant sprays of small star-like white flowers in spring. It looks great in pots or in the ground.

Romneya coulteri, Matilija Poppy

One of our most spectacular native plants. The white, crepe paper flowers are up to 8″ across and have a poof of yellow stamens in the center. Because the stalks are so tall it’s good to have them on a hillside or look down on them from above. They plants are rather rangy and so are best planted in outlying areas of the landscape. They spread underground. Low water.


Cordyline Burgundy Spire

This one of the single trunk-type Cordylines of which there are many cultivars. It makes a striking statement with it’s singular trunk and rich dark color. The plant grows up to certain point at which it blooms and branches. Then you have a multi-trunked specimen. Great in pots or in the ground. Grows slowly to 8′ or more.

Thymus 'Elfin'

Need something to go between flagstones? Elfin thyme may be your answer. This tidy little plant can grow in sun or part shade and can take foot traffic. It doesn’t need much water.

Schefflera pueckleri aka Tupidanthus calyptratus

If you want a lush tropical effect try this former houseplant gone rogue. It’s suprisingly sturdy. We like to use it in semi-shady areas against a wall or in a corner. It grows to 7′ wide and 10′ tall but can be kept much smaller. Medium water.